Allen Hurns is allergic

The Jaguars’ 40 million door man has an allergy that’s pretty inconvenient to a football player. Grass just so happens to be the dirty culprit. It hasn’t seemed to really affect his on-field production, though.  In 2 seasons since being picked up by the Jaguars as an undrafted free agent, Hurns has amassed 115 catches, 1,708 yards, and 16 touchdowns. Hurns cashed in on that production this year, signing a 4-year, $40M deal

Hurns explained to ESPN’s Mike DiRicco

Sometimes I break out, sometimes I don’t. At times it gets pretty aggravating, but for the most part it’s been holding up good. 

Fortunately for Hurns, he only has to take an occasional Benadryl to overcome his allergies. He described it as more of an annoyance than a problem. If you ever see him wearing long socks or sleeves on a hot day, now you know why he does so. 


Allen Hurns’ contract extended 4 years

The Jacksonville Jaguars have locked up part of their promising, young offense today.  The Jaguars signed 3rd-year wide receiver, Allen Hurns, to a 4-year contract extension.  The deal is believed to be worth $40 million, with about half of that being guaranteed money.

Because Hurns was an undrafted free agent in 2014, the two sides were able to negotiate a new deal.  The Jaguars jumped on the opportunity to re-sign Hurns before the market explodes.  The NFL’s salary cap is on a huge rise, and the prices of contracts will just continue to soar.  Had Hurns been considered a draftee, he wouldn’t have been eligible to negotiate a deal until next season.

This deal makes Allen Hurns one of the top 10-highest paid receivers in the league (2017-2020), a number than many may scoff at.  However, the former UDFA certainly deserves a pay raise.  In 2015, he recorded a 64/1,031/10 line, averaging 16.1 yards per catch.

Hurns has been a big part of Blake Bortles’ rise in the league.  I believe the Jaguars made a wise decision to lock up Hurns before the next big wave of contracts comes in.  A lot of receivers around the league will be delighted to hear news of the Hurns deal, especially Hurns’ teammate Allen Robinson.  Robinson is due for a big-time raise next season, after he completes the 3rd year of his rookie deal.

Thank you to Keith Allison for the featured image.