About the Editor-in-chief

My name is Justin Wood, and I’m a 25-year old Jaguars fan. I’ve been a fan of the team ever since they first entered the league, which just so happened to be my first year watching football.

I’ve lived in California all of my life, which explains my Dodgers and Lakers fandom. However, the Jaguars became my favorite team because of a little game called Madden Football.

When I was searching for a team, I was choosing based on looks. The teal and black color scheme resonated with me, and I thought the logo was awesome. It also helped that Fred Taylor and Tony Brackens were studs on the game (and in real-life).

Here I am nearly 20 years later, writing about the Jacksonville Jaguars. I hope you enjoy my commentary, and urge you to voice your opinion. I love talking sports, and I love my Jags.



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