Blake Bortles is ready to learn anything and everything 

The Jaguars’ star QB in-the-making continues to improve. Bortles has shown enormous strides in his 3rd offseason with the team, the 2nd under Greg Olsen’s offense. What are Bortles’ thoughts on this offseason, though? 

It’s good. It’s continuing to go.  1

The coaching staff is elated with Bortles’ progress thus far, but they need to keep pushing him in order to maximize his potential. After eight days of OTA’s, it’s clear that Bortles is comprehending the offensive scheme more thoroughly.

In order to improve on what he built last season, Bortles is going to need to cut down the turnovers. While he had an awesome, Pro Bowl-caliber season in terms of yardage (4,428) and touchdowns (35), he threw 18 interceptions. I believe when he fully understands why certain plays are being called in certain situations, he’ll be able to trim that number down. 

In 2016, I fully expect the offense to take another leap forward. While Bortles gets more comfortable this season, I’d like to see the no-huddle offense get some more usage. I also anticipate more adjustments at the line of scrimmage for the Jaguars. The future is very bright, and Bortles will need to serve as our Prodical Sun. 

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