Jaguars looking to get more use out of the no-huddle offense in 2016

Offensive coordinator Greg Olsen plans to use the no-huddle offense even more this season. Olsen told the Florida-Times Union, “When we evaluated the end of the season, we thought one of the things Blake was pretty comfortable with was our two-minute package so we’ve incorporated (more) of that.”

The Jaguars barely even utilized the no-huddle last year, which is fine. But expect Blake Bortles to take more command of the offense in his third year. Bortles was 22/33 for 348 yards, 2 TD’s and 0 interceptions while running the no-huddle last season. His yards-per-attempt were one of the highest in the league.

Over the off season, the Jaguars haven’t done too much on offense. They’ve added some offensive line depth, and signed RB Chris Ivory to a somewhat lucrative deal. It will be interesting to see how much Greg Olsen uses the no-huddle this season, but he sure seems to trust his quarterback. Olsen has admitted that Bortles is getting even better, but mentioned he still needs to put in some more work to “get there.”

This will be Bortles’ and Olsen’s second season together. Bortles will need to take even more control of the offense this year, and he can accomplish that by mastering the no-huddle offense.


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