Allen Hurns’ contract extended 4 years

The Jacksonville Jaguars have locked up part of their promising, young offense today.  The Jaguars signed 3rd-year wide receiver, Allen Hurns, to a 4-year contract extension.  The deal is believed to be worth $40 million, with about half of that being guaranteed money.

Because Hurns was an undrafted free agent in 2014, the two sides were able to negotiate a new deal.  The Jaguars jumped on the opportunity to re-sign Hurns before the market explodes.  The NFL’s salary cap is on a huge rise, and the prices of contracts will just continue to soar.  Had Hurns been considered a draftee, he wouldn’t have been eligible to negotiate a deal until next season.

This deal makes Allen Hurns one of the top 10-highest paid receivers in the league (2017-2020), a number than many may scoff at.  However, the former UDFA certainly deserves a pay raise.  In 2015, he recorded a 64/1,031/10 line, averaging 16.1 yards per catch.

Hurns has been a big part of Blake Bortles’ rise in the league.  I believe the Jaguars made a wise decision to lock up Hurns before the next big wave of contracts comes in.  A lot of receivers around the league will be delighted to hear news of the Hurns deal, especially Hurns’ teammate Allen Robinson.  Robinson is due for a big-time raise next season, after he completes the 3rd year of his rookie deal.

Thank you to Keith Allison for the featured image.

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